I will be shutting down some gameservers

I will be shutting down some gameservers
Photo by Mateo / Unsplash

Hello everyone,

you probably noticed that some of my gameservers have been offline for a couple days, this won't change anytime soon sadly due to me deciding to rework my homelabbing infrastructure and saving on money and ressources.

Following Servers will be taken down for a unknown amount of time / permanent:

  • Garry's Mod Overwatch #1 [Europe]
  • Garry's Mod Overwatch #2 [USA Central]
  • Project Zomboid Realism
  • Minecraft SMP

The decision came as I feel like I didn't have the time to maintain these servers, and while all of these servers had an okay amount of players, it wasn't enough to make it worth it.

The Minecraft SMP had a strong start, but after about two months of launching the motivation for most people has passed to play on it. And I have no interest to play on it if my friends don't want to. It's sad to see everytime that I take the time and effort to set up things like these just to get ditched or be met with complaints about the tiniest things. I will be making the world available for download, or make the server available on demand. Just shoot me a DM if required.

On the other hand I've been working on two other projects:

  • Garry's Mod Warzone:
     - Gamemode Base is DarkRP
     - Gameplay wise will be faction wars
     - You will be rewarded for killing players
     - With said reward you can purchase non-standard equipment & vehicles.
     - Multiple Gameplay Loops and Classes to choose from
     - Leveling system with rewards and unlocks for classes and the likes
     - Kinda like Battlefield, just in Gmod, we'll see how it goes lol
  • Planet-Reallife:
     - GTA 5 Multiplayer Project based on the Alt-V launcher
     - Kinda like DarkRP but in GTA 5
     - Jobs, Levels, Gameplay Loops and more
     - Community is German only at the time
     - I am helping out as a project manager and community manager

If you want to help out with the Garry's Mod Project, let me know and shoot me a DM on Discord.