The start of Shibabox

The start of Shibabox
Photo by Minh Pham / Unsplash

Hey ya'll,

Kai here - some of you may have known this page from when I used it in an attempt to build a self-hosting community and help people jump ship from those pesky subscription services.

However that phase is over, communities are kinda dead nowadays and Imma just do whatever I feel like. This website will be mostly personal ramblings, changelogs of ongoing projects and maybe one or two interesting articles about self-hosting.

Of course it's also here to act as a front-end to link all my stuff together. Nothing special quite honestly. So be sure to check by once a month if you want to see what I am currently up to. I may also write about stuff I did during my travels or trains.

Topics you will come across on my blog:

  • Travelling
  • Furry stuff (Fursuits, art and music)
  • Video games! (Journalism, rambling about game concepts and developing!)
  • Stuff that doesn't make it onto my YouTube channel
  • Various Projects
  • Photography
  • ~~Kubernetes!!! :D~~ Self-hosting

Imma just shamelessly plug my YouTube here-

I would say that's roughly all for now, hope I was able to waste some of your free time and dunk your brain with useless information about me :)

"Like and favourite this shit, become a shiba today!"