Arma 3 - Operation Firedance

Arma 3 Operation starting on the 7th December 2022 at 6pm CET.

Arma 3 - Operation Firedance
Feature image of the USMC Expeditionary Force by me.
What? - Arma 3 with multiple mods. Click here for the list.
When? - 7th December 2022 at 1800 CET. Start of Operation & JRSOI.
How? - Organization via our Discord. Communication via Teamspeak.

Disclaimer: All of this is fictional and images have their sources linked in the alt text. If the content on this page is too offending, feel free to reach out.

Situation Report & Intel

Participating Forces & Allies, Goals and Area of Operations

APOC - Allied points of Contact:

- Phoenix PMC (Main operator)
- USMC, UKSF (Boots on the ground)

Active Combatants:

  • LLF - Lythium Liberation Front

A radical religion driven group in the area of Lythium. They took power in late 2020 and are operating much of the equipment of the former LAF - Lythium Armed Forces, which consists mostly of 90s soviet equipment and partially left behind US equipment.

LLF Forces in a Roadblock infront of the City of KalaeNoowi - 2019

Non-Active Combatants:

  • Lythium Resistance

Consisting of former LAF - Lythium Armed Forces and local population and minority groups which are target of the new regime, they are fighting to free town by town. They are neither ally nor hostiles. However may become hostiles if rules of engagement are not respected with most urgent care.

LAF and Lythium Resistance - 2021

Area of Operations:

Lythium is a small province located somewhere in the Middle East characterized by more tribal areas, with a long valley running across the entire map. There are two main cities here, as well as small villages and rural areas, oriented north to south, along with two airports. We will start our assault and liberation of territory from the South-West of the AO.

Map of Lythium

Operation Goals:

  • Creation of a bridgehold in the South-West of the AO and securing of villages.
  • Securing of the Kindul Airbase as a Bridge-Head & to use as a FOB. It will be used as a landing for UKSF and USMC forces and their personal goals.
  • Securing or destroying of the Kindul Factory. The LLF Forces use it to make ammo for their troops and it poses imminent danger to the taking of the Kindul Airbase.
  • Siege of Arobster - City needs to be taken to secure a push for the Capitol in the North of the AO.
  • Securing Mikis FOB - it gets used as a major roadblock by LLF forces. You are tasked to act discrete as it's a major road to the capitol which leaves a high chance for collateral damage.
  • Taking control of the Capitol and remaining area.
Kindul Airbase (Thermal) courtesy of Chief Intelligence Officer Mick.
Kindul Airbase (Color) courtesy of Chief Intelligence Officer Mick.

Rules of Engagement:

RoE are eased as you'll be acting on behalf of Phoenix PMC and thus not a state actor. However beware that not respecting RoE in terms of collateral damage may lead to unwanted consequences and the engagement of hostilities with the resistance forces.

Prohibited usage of cluster ammunition according to Geneva Convention. The enemy may resort to using chemical warfare in an attempt to hold the ongoing push of Phoenix PMC. Apart from that, if required to flatten villages to secure foothold, you are clear to engage.

This concludes the briefing. If you have anymore questions, feel free to join the discord. This page will be updated with information as the start of the operation comes close or if OSINT Officers deem it necessary.

This Operation has been concluded.