RSS Feeds - Always up to date

RSS Feeds - Always up to date
Photo by Richy Great / Unsplash

You heard of them, you maybe even used them at some point just to see that the spam they generate and ditched them again. Yes - today we will be talking about the beautiful world of RSS Feeds. Your average consumer probably doesn't give a single penny about this technology.

RSS Feeds feel like a tech that's from the times where people would get their daily news flash using teletext - well not entirely wrong - RSS as a technology had it's official birthday in March 1999. Teletext on the other hand exists already since the 70s! Crazy right?!

Eitherway, as the internet became more prominent in the early 2000s more and more people jumped on the RSS train - they'd use it for anything. They would stay up to date with news, their favourite online magazine publications and forums.

The following part is still being written. You may peek!


I think it's clear that due to platforms like google, facebook and twitter - RSS became obsolete for most use cases. But today we wanna look over how the self-hosting community made good use of this godsent of a tool.

I for one, use the app NetNewsWire on iOS to keep track of the releases page on multiple GitHub repos for services that I make use of.

You can do this with any github repo by using atom. If you have a github page you want to receive RSS feeds about, all you need to do is take the url and add ".atom" to it. Here's an example:

This URL you can now throw into your RSS Feed to fetch daily, that way you're always informed about latest security patches for your services. Especially useful if you run docker / kubernetes as this also shows you the release tags, which you can then use for your images if you're not using the :latest tag.