Arma 3 - Operation Red Dawn

Arma 3 Operation - USA VS. RU. 25th June 2023 at 02:00AM CEST.

Arma 3 - Operation Red Dawn
Feature Image - by Vibeshibe
What? - Arma 3 with multiple mods. Click here for the list.
When? - 25th June 2023 02:00AM CEST. Kickoff of Operation
How? - Organization via our Discord. Communication via Teamspeak.
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Rules, Guides and Explainations

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      << Initiating one-way communication channel >>

Situation Report & Intel

Participating Forces & Allies, Goals and Area of Operations

APOC - Allied points of Contact:

  • US ARMY - Main Operator

Active Combatants:

  • Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

Not-Active Combatants:

  • National Party of Chernarus

An underground movement formed in the wake of the civil war between the Chernarussian government and ChDKZ separatists, the National Party is a rebel group that firmly opposes Russian influence in Chernarus.

Area of Operations:

The Republic of Chernarus (Chernarussian: Republika Černarus, Russian: Республика Чернорусь), more commonly known as Chernarus, is an Eastern European post-Soviet republic in the Green Sea region, somewhere near the Caucasus Chernarus was bordered by the Russian Federation to the north along the Black Mountains. In 2021 the Russian Federation invaded the republic in an act of aggression during the time of civil unrest after a major government scandal, which involved the development of chemical and biological warfare weapons.

Said chemical and biological weapons are now in the hands of the Russian forces and are being actively used against the civilian population and resistance forces.

Map of Chernarus

Operation Goals

As all of you know, since the war started against the Russian Federation due to agressions against NATO members, the Russian Armed Forces have taken it upon themselves to annex countries bordering them to achieve a strategical adventage on the battlefield that is Eastern Europe at the moment.

Our job is to draw attention away from the main front line and assist in liberating Chernarus to open up a new attack vector.

Chernarus is of tactical value due to their investment in research and production bio/chemical weapons on a large scale. In the end it didn't last enough as a deterrent and now the Russian Armed Forces are in control of depots and production. We intend to reverse that.


  • Liberate Chernogorsk Capital City
  • Secure a foothold on the coastline and bring in reinforcements
  • Push further in-land and take care of anti-air fortifications in the mountains
  • Take control of the biochem weapon laboratories and factories
  • Take control of the north-eastern airfield

Rules of Engagement:

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation do not respect any rules of engagement or Geneva convention, you are clear to use cluster ammunition and more radical means of tactics if required - however only as long as collateral damage is minimal or non-existent.

This concludes the briefing. If you have anymore questions, direct them at your superior officer.

You're dismissed.

           << Termination of connection >>